Libido boost

Duration of the cure

Until your general condition improves.

Total of Products needed for the cure

For an adult person of 75 kg please order the following:

  • 2 x Amino Vida
  • 6 x NADH Vida
  • 2 x Caye Vida
  • 2 x Q10 Vida

Therapy Protocol

Download the protocol for Libido boost.

Amino Vida

Amino acid complex with all 8 essential amino acids plus L-Arginine. 240 tablets with 500…

CHF 49.80

Caye Vida

Cayenne pepper made from Swiss chilli peppers and green tea extract. All in organic quality…

CHF 49.00

Q10 Vida

Q10 from natural bio-fermentative production out of yeast.

CHF 39.00