Calcium Shot

30 vegetarian sticks for direct intake. With calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin C,…

CHF 24.50

Eisen Vida

Contains microencapsulated iron and iron-containing curry leaf extract. Iron contributes to the formation of red…

CHF 29.90

Magnesium Vida

Organic magnesium to maintain normal muscles and nerves. 60 capsules with four different magnesium salts.

CHF 19.50
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Moringa Vida

Organic Moringa leaf powder and organic green tea matcha powder from certified production. 72 capsules…

CHF 29.00

MSM Vida

[showzones zones="DE,UK,US"]MSM Capsules - With 3 substances found in our joint cartilage - Glucosamine, Chondroitine…

CHF 29.80

Oregano Vida

With extracts of oregano, thyme and barberry. With zinc and vitamin D3. 60 capsules with…

CHF 48.70

Pollen Shot

100% natural split(open) flower pollen. Convenient sticks with 750 mg of flower pollen each for…

CHF 9.35

Pollen Vida

Bee pollen extract, processed in Switzerland. 90 capsules, each containing 333 mg digested pollen and…

CHF 69.00

Q10 Strong

60 vegan capsules with 50 mg ubiquinol (coenzyme Q10) each from natural biofermentative production. For…

CHF 67.80

Vitality Shot

30 sticks for direct intake. With vitamins, minerals and trace elements to supplement daily needs.

CHF 44.80