Aloe Vera

Vegetative characteristics Aloe Vera

The trunk reaches a circumference of up to 30 centimetres. The approximately 16 lanceolate-rejuvenated leaves of aloe vera are arranged densely rusty on the stem. At the slightly pink edges, at intervals of 10 to 20 millimeters, there are firm, bleached teeth about 2 millimeters long.

Inflorescences and flowers

The single or once or twice branched inflorescence is 60 to 90 centimetres long and carries cylindrically pointed racemes of 30 to 40 centimetres in length and 5 to 6 centimetres in width. The ovoid-pointed, folded back trailing leaves are 10 millimetres long and 3 to 5 millimetres wide. The yellow flowers sit on flower stems about 5 millimetres long. The flowers of Aloe Vera are about 28 to 30 millimetres long, slightly bulbous and rounded at their base.

At the level of the fruit knot of aloe vera, they have a diameter of 7 millimeters. Above this they are extended and finally narrowed at the mouth. The stamens and the stylus protrude 3 to 5 millimetres out of the flower”

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