Black pepper

Black Pepper

To the plant

The flowers produce the berry panicles, which are harvested for the pepper.


For the black pepper, the still green berries are picked shortly before ripening. They have then reached their apex of flavouring substances. The berries are then blanched in hot water for a short time to clean them and at the same time damage the cells on the surface.

Description – black pepper

Black pepper consists of pepper fruits, which are harvested just before ripening and dried at moderate temperature. Usually the whole fruit stand is picked as soon as a pepper fruit has turned red. The berries are then stored overnight at normal temperature. Now the ripening process starts, similar to tea leaves, and the pepper fruits turn black.

However, the sharpness has remained unchanged in the last few days. By the way, fully ripe pepper is not suitable for producing black pepper, as it can rot during drying. A special pepper is Tellicherry pepper, which is made from the large peppercorns.

Use – black pepper

Basically, all dishes that are salted can also be refined with black pepper. There are different ways to pepper the food. On the one hand, you can cook all the peppercorns and remove them before serving. Or one gives the black pepper freshly ground over the finished dish.

Only the freshly ground black pepper develops its full aroma. However, this wonderful flavour disappears very quickly. It does not matter which pepper mill is used for grinding.

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