Brown seaweed powder

Brown Seaweed Powder – The so-called kelp algae split into about 30 different species. The alginates extracted from brown algae are used in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. Kelp brown algae powder tablets are rich in natural iodine. Do not exceed the recommended intake of brown algae powder.

One capsule contains 200 mg Svetol, 200 mg brown algae powder and 100 mg L-carnitine. The Svetol brand stands for a gently produced extract from pure green coffee beans. Good stuff like brown algae powder comes from the sea. In Asian culture algae and thus also brown algae powder have a completely different value than in this country. Algae have been successfully used in medicine there for 3000 years and in Japan there is almost no meal without brown algae powder.

with brown algae powder: rejection and immune professionals – Brown seaweed powder

Brown algae & brown algae powder strengthen the immune system. This is described several times for the ingredient Fucoidan contained in algae. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory potential, which means that brown algae powder is also successfully used for intestinal diseases, cancer, heliobacter, elevated cholesterol and thrombosis. Brown algae powder also promotes the elimination of toxins, harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Alginates provide the detoxification effects of brown algae powder. These combine with heavy metals and make it possible for these compounds to be eliminated with the help of brown algae powder. In addition, there are descriptions according to which even possible radiation damage to mobile phones and computer systems is reduced by the alginates.

Using the potential of brown algae and brown algae powder

To take advantage of the positive effects of brown algae and brown algae powder, you should add brown algae powder to your diet 2-3 times a week and at the same time refrain from iodine salt. If you are missing the muse for Japanese dishes or your own creations with algae, a 2-3 month treatment with a brown algae supplement is recommended once a year. However, algae preparations should not be taken for longer than 2-3 months.


Zinc and chromium in brown algae powder also reduce cravings.

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