acuminatum, often referred to as cayenne, is a chilli variety associated with the species Capsicum annuum.

Description and systematics of Cayenne

The habitus of the Cayenne plants is similar to that of most plants of the species Capsicum annuum. The varieties he described as Capsicum annuum conoides are nowadays mostly classified as Capsicum frutescens, while the species known today as Cayenne are still known as Capsicum annuum var. acuminatum.

Use of Cayenne

The best-known use of Cayenne chilis is the spice powder Cayenne pfeffer, which is obtained from dried and ground fruits of the plant.

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Cayenne Chili is a very common chili variety and is also very popular with many private chili growers in Germany. In Germany, it is particularly well known for the popular Cayenne pepper. I have grown the Cayenne chili several times and would like to give you now some tips for the Cayenne Chili cultivation.

Growth behaviour and distribution of Cayenne Chili

The fruits of Cayenne are very long, mostly slightly twisted and thin. The Cayenne pods ripen from green to a rich dark red as they grow. The Cayenne plants grow quite quickly and reach a height of 60 to 80 centimetres. The chili variety belongs to the species Capsicum annuum and Cayenne means “hot pepper”.

Cayenne Chili

The Cayenne chilis germinated very quickly and the germination rate of about 80 percent was also very good. The first seedlings were visible after about 12 days. I planted my Cayenne at the beginning of February and was very satisfied with the time of sowing. A distance of 30 to 40 centimetres should therefore be maintained.

But I have had good experiences with putting 2-3 Cayenne plants together in a bucket. Up to the harvest of the Cayennechilis, 80 days can begin. However, the number of pods is very good and regular early harvesting of the ripe pods ensures a long and constant harvest. Due to the low demands of the Cayenne Chilis and the robust plants, cultivation outdoors is also possible without problems.

However, the sowing should still take place in the home and the plants should be moved outdoors from mid-May onwards.

Oven-dried and ground cayenne chillies

For the production of the Cayenne pepper, which with its 30,000 to 50,000 scoville lies in the lower range of the sharpening scale, the cayenne peppers are dried and then finely ground. In one of my articles on the processing of chillies, I showed how Cayenne pods can simply be dried in the oven and then processed into chili flakes in a small bag. The Cayennechili gives the chilli powder a slightly smoky taste, which in my opinion complements Habaneros very well. To make a chili ristra, the chillies are simply skewered with a thin thread and needle.

The Cayenne needle is inserted between the red pod and the green stem and the chillies are then threaded on. The Chili Ristra is then simply hung in the sun to dry and looks very decorative.

Positive effect of Cayenne Chilis on health

The use of Cayenne Chili is manifold in medicine. The slightly irritating and stimulating pungency substance capsaicin, which is mainly found in the placenta of chillies, has a warming effect on the skin and is therefore also used in ointments and special plasters to generate heat. The Cayenne Chili is said to have a particularly good effect on the cardiovascular system. Cayenne Chili or Cayenne pepper can stimulate the blood circulation in the body and increase the supply of nutrients with important trace elements in the body. The following article mentions many more positive effects of regular chili consumption.

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Another very common special breed of the Cayenne chili is the De Cayenne. Unfortunately, it is not always clear whether these are special varieties of this chili variety.

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