The Great Emu is a flightless bird species from the group of ratites and the only surviving species of the Emus family. Their similarity results from a convergent evolution. Emus cover long distances in an evenly fast and energy-saving rut.

The maximum speed of the Emu is 50 kilometers per hour, which you can maintain over some distance.


Emus reach a body height between 150 and 190 centimetres with a shoulder height of 100 to 130 centimetres. The strong legs of the emus end in three toes, which are directed forward. This toe position is also found in other species of birds, such as quails, which mainly move on the ground. A strongly developed pelvic musculature enables the high running speed of 50 kilometres per hour, which can reach emus.

However, the plumage pigmentation becomes lighter over time due to the sun’s rays. In addition to the primary spring, emus develop a secondary or anal spring, which starts at the base of the main springs and is as long as these. Neck and head are usually very dark and often even black. On the left and right side of the neck there are often two approx.

The beak is very dark and slightly curved towards the tip.

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