Hand Lotion

A hand lotion is a liquid, spreadable preparation for application to the skin of the hands and consists of an aqueous and an oily or fatty component, one of which is distributed emulsion-like in the other.

Physically speaking, action forms a complex structure that mainly combines the structures of emulsions and gels. A distinction is made between water-washable skin lotion “in which the oily components are finely dispersed in a coherent aqueous phase, from the non-washable creams “in which the aqueous component is dispersed in the oily phase. This type of emulsion should combine the advantages of W/O emulsions and O/W emulsions. A low water content gives a cream oint-like properties, the incorporation of large quantities of finely ground solids leads to a pasty consistency.

Terms such as hand cream, cream in general, ointment, gel or lotion are used colloquially in some cases.

OPC 24 Hand Lotion

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