The NADH lozenge from Fairvital with 20 mg NADH was added to our range in 2011 and immediately became a sales success. NADH sublingual 20mg is a NADH product which you suck and is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream via the oral mucosa.

NADH sublingual is 100% vegan and free of gluten and lactose

NADH is an endogenous substance and is synthesized from niacin or nicotinamide and from the amino acid tryptophan. Through a proprietary process, the oxygen-sensitive and highly reactive NADH is stabilized and made biologically available for the body.

NADH and the mitochondria

Our energy power plants – the mitochondria – have the ability to produce energy from food calories. Niacin and its biological form “NADH” is the initiator of this cellular power supply. Niacin and thus also NADH contribute to the reduction of fatigue


Lots of Energy thanks to Coenzyme 1. Contains stabilised NADH. With biotin as a contribution < More Details

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