MANC is a natural medical product based on MANC (modified, activated natural clinoptilolite zeolite), a mineral active substance with the PLUS of calcium and magnesium carbonate. It serves to strengthen the intestinal wall barrier during recurrent stress. The product regenerates the intestinal mucosa and thus supports intestinal health. It passes through the digestive tract, develops its physical effect there and is not metabolized. Today it is the modern classic when it comes to the gentle regulation of irritant and pollutant concentrations in the human organism.

Eating mineral clay means living healthier

Lithophages are creatures that eat stones – and zeolite is nothing more than finely ground rock. Mineral earths have long been used in livestock nutrition because they ensure healthy digestion and healthier animals. Also in nature many animals take up earth again and again, because they know instinctively, how good it does them. Among the North Siberians it is clinoptilolite zeolite and hay landite, among the Caucasians it is also clinoptilolite zeolite and also montmorillonite.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most studies and investigations with zeolite were carried out by Russian scientists. Such outstanding healing successes have been demonstrated that zeolite should be used for any disease – even if it is only an accompaniment to orthodox therapy.

Impressive healing results

For skin diseases, for example, zeolite can be used both externally and internally. The mineral earth relieves the symptoms of allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and many more – usually already after two to three treatment cycles of 10 days each. Similarly, patients with fractures experience faster healing if they receive zeolite supplements daily for 45 days, according to a 2000 study, in a 1999 study, people with severe burns received either the conventional treatment or three spoons of zeolite daily in addition to the conventional treatment.

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