Healthy joints and beautiful skin

MSM is involved in numerous metabolic processes, supports the production of important amino acids and is an essential building block for joints and cartilage, for skin, hair and nails. A lack of sulphur in the body can contribute to increased sensitivity to pain, gastrointestinal problems, decreased function of the immune system, arthritis, skin problems and brittle, dry hair and nails.

Why we love MSM crystals

Studies have shown that taking MSM helps to relieve arthritic pain, swelling and muscle pain. Since MSM increases the permeability of cell membranes, nutrient uptake functions better and faster and metabolic waste products and toxins are excreted more effectively.

SamaraNatura MSM crystals from oilseeds

SamaraNatura MSM crystals are a 100% pure vegetable product and are made from oil seeds grown in Europe. Most MSM supplements currently available are produced synthetically and from crude oil.


For optimal absorption of MSM, the powder is highly recommended as capsules or tablets are digested and absorbed more slowly by the body. First-time users should only take the lowest recommended amount of MSM and take it with a meal and drink plenty of water to prevent heartburn. Usually they start with 1g or 1/4 teaspoon powder or flakes per day. Gradually the dose can be increased to 2-6 g per day, depending on the individual strength of the digestive system.

Since many users feel more energetic when taking MSM, MSM should only be taken in the morning and early afternoon to avoid insomnia. Camu Camu contains an extreme amount of vitamin C, so this combination is very beneficial for the immune system and a smooth, radiantly beautiful skin.

MSM Vida

MSM Capsules - With 3 substances found in our joint cartilage - Glucosamine, Chondroitine and < More Details

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