Normal Energy Metabolism

A normal energy metabolism is the part of the metabolism of living beings that serves to produce energy. It differs from the building material metabolism, which serves to build up body components and consumes energy.
The normal energy metabolism: What helps? Most phototrophic organisms can also produce chemotrophic energy for this, i.e. through an energy metabolism, for example in the absence of light.

Energy storage and transport of energy sources

Chemotrophic organisms use the energy released during the exergonic conversion of substances. They store them briefly by synthesizing energy-rich substances under their consumption, from which energy can easily be released again when the synthesis is reversed. Nucleoside phosphates are suitable for this, as energy is released by splitting off their phosphate residues and phosphate residues can be bound to them again by using energy. Nucleoside phosphates allow energy to be stored and transported in this way.

Another method of storing energy is fatty acid synthesis.

Amount of energy

The energy released during conversion is the change in Gibbs Free Energy caused by the conversion, i.e. the difference between the energy contents of the converted substances and those of the substances formed from them. The concentration of the reactants is often unknown and changes in the course of implementation. In these cases, the change in free energy cannot be calculated or is difficult to calculate.

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