tolerability and simplify the dosage regimens. However, drugs can only work properly if they are taken or used correctly.

Differences in the galenics of a drug can be too different if the active ingredient content is identical.

Pharmacists spend a lot of time studying galenics and pharmacy.


Retardation over a longer period of time or sublingual, buccal and fused tablets that should not be swallowed easily. The powders contain one or more active ingredients with or without excipients. A distinction is made between divided powders and multiple dosed powders. Powders can be taken perorally (in water, possibly also as effervescent powder or locally (e. g.

can be used as powder for spreading on the skin. In respiratory diseases, powder inhalers are used that deliver the micronized powder directly into the lungs.

types of tablets for oral use.

Film-coated tablets are coated with a film (which prevents, for example, a.

Sustained release tablets

Lozenges, sublingual tablets and buccal tablets . Melted tablets are platelet-like lyophilisates that dissolve in the mouth within 30 seconds without any further liquid intake or dragées are tablets with an additional coating – the coating can also be acid-resistant so that the dragée dissolves only in the small intestine.

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