Preservation of Normal Bones

For the preservation of normal bones, the following is central:

It is widely believed that a lot of calcium helps to maintain normal bones and protects against bone fractures in old age. It is not for nothing that most people eat so many dairy products. They are convinced that they are doing something particularly good for themselves and their bones with all this calcium. However, those who also consume calcium in addition to their normal needs – whether through calcium-rich foods or dietary supplements – cannot do their bones any favors and also do not protect themselves from bone fractures.

More calcium does not help the bones

In order to reduce the increased risk of bone fracture in old age, older people in particular are often recommended to consume a lot of calcium to preserve normal bones. However, two recent studies published in the British Medical Journal BMJ in autumn 2015 showed that increased calcium intake is not suitable for maintaining normal bones or even preventing bone fractures. Therefore, therapists should no longer advise their patients to take more calcium to prevent bone fractures. The researchers involved are of the opinion that the previous recommendations to increase its calcium intake beyond normal demand coverage in order to strengthen the bones should be urgently reconsidered.

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