Drinking the shot

Order a soda, juice or beer with the shot. You take a sip of this drink right after the shot to rinse the schnapps taste off your tongue. You can also drink a small sip of it before taking the shot and keep it in your mouth. Take another sip of the drink to drink after you swallow.

Depending on the shot, you will need to provide your lemon, lime or salt before the shot. Don’t tip your head back too much. Exhale through your mouth after drinking the shot. Shots should not be drunk in small sips.

If you keep the liquor in your mouth, it gets harder to swallow the shot and the gag reflex starts.

Prepare the shot

Choose a shot. If you don’t want to be hungover the next day, choose a clear liquor, like vodka, gin or tequila. Dark liquors contain more congeners. Dark spirits often taste more intense than clear ones.

If you don’t have a preference, choose a clear liquor. In Germany, normal shot glasses hold two centilitres, but there are also other sizes. Order a simple shot in a bar. Three tablespoons or nine teaspoons correspond to about 30 to 45 milliliters, i.e. three to four centiliters.

If you don’t have a measuring spoon, you can just use a plastic cup, for example a red one from Solo. Shots are more fun with other people. If you drink a shot with your friends, order shots together and wait until everyone has their own before you drink them. If you’re alone in a bar, ask if someone wants to drink a shot with you.

You don’t have to drink as much as the others or urge others to drink more when you drink with other people.

Responsible drinking

Your body absorbs alcohol more slowly if you eat something before drinking. High-protein foods are especially good if you drink. Find a driver first. Find a driver for the night before you leave the house.

If you notice that someone has drunk too much, find a way to bring the person home safely. If you still want to drive, eat something and do not drink more than a glass of wine, beer, mixed drink or a shot per hour. Don’t drink at all if you want to drive. Your body does not react immediately to alcohol.

If you drink too fast, your body won’t come with you. Do not drink more than one drink per hour. Don’t exceed your daily limit. Women should not drink more than one drink a day.

Coma drinking means more than five drinks in one evening for men and more than four for women. Excessive drinking leads to health problems such as cancer, high blood pressure and unintentional injuries.

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