Skin care

skin care

Skin care is part of body care and in a broader sense includes cleansing and treatment of the skin with the aim of preserving the natural protective mechanisms and health of the skin and improving general well-being.

Physiology of the skin

There is a fine layer of sweat, sebum and water on the skin. However, it also influences the colonization of the skin by microorganisms. An intact acid mantle supports protective bacteria and controls the spread of pathogenic microorganisms. The elasticity of the skin is very strongly determined by the skin hydration.

Treatment of the skin with care products can compensate for deficits in skin moisture and preserve the skin moisture in dry ambient air.

Problems of skin cleansing

The skin cleansing process strains the acid mantle and bacterial flora. The frequent use of cleaning products with high pH values is particularly unfavourable. Modern skin cleansing agents minimise the stress on the acid mantle and with healthy skin the normal condition is quickly restored.

Skin cleansing of special body regions

It requires not only the necessary knowledge but also a tactful approach to the foreign person.

skincare applications

The skin care products are listed in the market segments “Bath/Shower Supplements” and “Skin Care Products”.

High-quality curd soap still contains the glycerine which splits off during soap boiling. Washing with soap temporarily shifts the pH value into the basic range. Washing syndets are recommended for very frequent washing and already pre-damaged skin. In a broader sense, however, the term “ointment” also includes other semi-solid preparations such as paste, cream, emulsion and gel.

Aronia Hand Cream

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Emu Oil

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Feet Protection Cream

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Hot Shot Sports Cream

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OPC 24 Day Cream

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