Smoothie is an American term for cold mixed drinks made from fruit and optionally dairy products that are freshly prepared or sold as finished products. The basis of the smoothies is therefore the fruit pulp or fruit puree, which is mixed with juices, water, milk, milk products or coconut milk, depending on the recipe, to obtain a creamy and creamy consistency. Some smoothies consist only of fruit, i.e. flesh and direct juices. The so-called “green smoothies” consist of water, leafy vegetables or garden or wild herbs and ripe fruits.

There are also smoothies with yoghurt, milk, ice cream, coconut milk or even food supplements such as proteins, minerals or additional vitamins, which are particularly popular in the United States.

use of terms

At that time such a person was called, who was either very eloquent or had particularly good manners.


Pioneers were particularly found in California. In 1973 he opened a health food shop in New Orleans and began selling energy drinks and dietary supplements. In the beginning, smoothies were only available in juice bars where they were freshly prepared.

Aspect of food law

Neither in Germany nor in the United States is there a legal definition of which beverages may or may not be called smoothie. In principle, all ingredients that are permitted under food law may be used. However, the consumer must not be deceived. Fruits that appear on the label of a smoothies in word or image must make up a “predominant” part of the product.

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