At the beginning of the century, sport has developed into a colloquial term used worldwide. A precise or even clear conceptual distinction cannot therefore be made. What is generally understood by this is less a question of scientific dimensional analysis, but is determined far more by the use of everyday theory and by the historically grown and traditional integration into social, economic, political and legal conditions. In addition, the actual action of sport itself changes, expands and differentiates the concept of sport.

For the German Olympic Sports Federation, for example, the focus is on motor activity. Thinking games, animal dressage and motor sports without the involvement of such motor activities therefore do not correspond to the DOSB’s understanding of sport. “When sport became a new phenomenon in the German-speaking world at the end of the 19th century, two very different concepts of body and movement culture were antithetically opposed.

Today the term also includes concepts as an umbrella term, which at that time were rather summarized under the term gymnastics. The term can therefore be understood as a culture of body and movement as well as a culture of competition or competition. Depending on the view, the term sport usually includes phenomena that fulfill both aspects as well as those that either predominantly concern the motoric body movement aspect or predominantly the competition aspect. “For the history of it is important that it was originally contrasted as a game with the seriousness of a gainful activity or a military conflict.

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