Tablets – In addition, the solid shape of the pellets allows them to be precisely portioned without much effort and, if necessary, taken on the road. Tablets.

The right way to handle pellets

In most cases the pellets are swallowed. Some should be eaten with meals, as a little fat increases the body’s ability to absorb its ingredients. Others should be swallowed with plenty of liquid. Some pellets are also intended for sucking and not for swallowing.

Please always check the consumption recommendations to see how and when your pellets should be used. There you will also find information on the recommended amount to consume, which you should not exceed. With Bärbel Drexel pellets, the recommendation always refers to adults. The body weight of an adult user has no influence on the recommended amount, but reduced consumption recommendations apply to children and adolescents.

Production Team

All pellets from our range are produced in our in-house nature laboratory in Baar. Here, our production employees work in two shifts to produce pellets in the usual Bärbel-Drexel quality. All ingredients undergo a comprehensive quality control before they are mixed according to our carefully prepared recipes. For example, differences in the outside temperature can ensure that the necessary pressure must be adjusted accordingly for the best production result.

The weight and strength of the pellets must be just right so that they meet our high quality standards. In this way, between 160,000 and 240,000 pellets per hour can be produced in our nature laboratory. All pellets are then packaged and labelled. In the packaging, the pellets are protected from light and moisture and thus retain their high quality for a long time.

Since the rough surfaces of the individual pellets rub against each other in the packaging, a fine powder residue forms on the packaging bottom over time.

What did you do before you joined

I have worked for many years in the food industry, in production planning and management, which has the same very strict hygiene requirements as we apply here in production. To design this together with my employees is very important to me.
The cooperation with quality assurance and the development team is very close. Before production, up to three test runs are carried out on original machines.
Within our production team, small teams of two to three employees are always responsible for one area.

Ingredients of pellets

Also very special are the employees, who identify very much with the products and their work and fulfil their tasks with passion and partly in handwork similar to manufacturing.

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