volcanic clay

volcanic clay

We are talking about volcanic earth or rock, more precisely about the silicon-rich group of zeolites.

How do you explain the mode of action of clinoptilolite volcanic earth or rock?

Clinoptilolite is not absorbed by the body – it only travels through the body.

Who should consider taking volcanic soil or rocks?

As a preventive measure, everyone from children to old people – even pets and plants benefit greatly from it. Barbecuing meat produces an enormous amount of free radicals.


Some countries prohibit pregnant women from receiving amalgam fillings, while children are willing to accept the creeping mercury contamination, other countries do not restrict them at all. Whenever you do not eat anything, the organism starts to concentrate on detoxification all by itself. This is also the case every night, when we sleep and only the next morning, after an ideally 12-hour meal break, break off a short Lent at night with breakfast. What we have to get rid of during intensive detoxification periods by fasting or by new, simple methods of detoxification throughout the year are the so-called “waste products” stored in the connective tissue.

They do no harm there as long as the body’s willingness to detoxify is used regularly. If, on the other hand, they take over and the landfills are full to the brim, then they become time bombs for health. Full connective tissue stores hinder the main task of the connective tissue, the supply and disposal of the cells, because the connective tissue can only secondarily be regarded as an “emergency depot”. The cells have no other direct connection to each other. volcanic clay

They can only contact each other through the connective tissue in between and they do this by emitting light signals. In this way an interaction of entire organ systems is achieved, which follows its own rhythm, which in turn is tuned to natural rhythms.


disease is more likely if the connective tissue is highly stressed. These “storage poisons”, some of which are real, and which also cause a multitude of uncontrolled attacks by constantly regenerating free radicals, pose the real threat to health. To dissolve, bind and immediately eliminate them during a targeted detoxification and detoxification treatment sometimes requires medical attention and special means to support them.

trace elements leads to insufficient metabolic processes and in further

Minerals can only neutralize acids insufficiently or calcium and magnesium are released to a certain extent from bones and teeth, it is still missing, thereby causing further severe damage and secondary diseases.


Protein residues are formed when there is insufficient gastric acid for an insufficient metabolism of protein products such as meat or fish, as can be the case in phases in people over 35 years of age. Apart from this, there is a calcium deficiency in the body and corresponding secondary diseases such as osteoporosis.

Poison Cuisine Intestine volcanic clay

Due to insufficient protein digestion due to insufficient gastric acid but also for other reasons, milieu changes occur in the intestine. It becomes an uncomfortable location for healthy intestinal bacteria, while disease-causing bacteria and fungi feel very comfortable and spread more easily. Incorrect nutrition and/or incorrect eating habits are always partly responsible for the disturbance of the intestinal flora, if not an antibiotic therapy without subsequent recolonisation of the intestine has put an end to the healthy environment. Too much protein, badly chewed, in large quantities, eaten in the evening, for example, produces putrefactive poisons.

Raw vegetables, raw salads, raw fruit, chewed just as badly and eaten in the evening – possibly still in connection with sugar – produce fermentation poisons and fusel alcohols. As a result, the lymph vessels swell, the intestinal tissue swells and loses its elasticity. A flaccid small and large intestine can easily “sag”, resulting in a kink that is difficult for the contents of the intestine to pass through. In addition to thorough intestinal cleansing, there are changes in eating, eating and drinking habits, the recolonisation of the intestinal flora – and finally their consistent protection by volcanic rocks, which bind and dissipate newly formed intestinal toxins, acids, fungi, but also heavy metals, food additives and disease-causing bacteria.

Binding acids with volcanic rock volcanic clay

Now the volcanic rock is available as an acid scavenger, which can bind to and remove free acids to a certain extent before they are neutralized and migrate as slags into the connective tissue.

When the acid takes over…

Those who are well supplied with nutrients, on the other hand, can completely destroy the fruit acid. volcanic clay

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