Zeolite – The Master of Detoxification

The finely ground mineral earth has several mechanisms with which it can free the human body from toxins. Zeolite is one of the simplest and cheapest detoxification methods available and can be used by almost anyone at home.

Eating mineral clay means living healthier

Lithophages are creatures that eat stones – and zeolite is nothing more than finely ground rock. Mineral earths have long been used in livestock nutrition because they ensure healthy digestion and healthier animals. Also in nature many animals take up earth again and again, because they know instinctively, how good it does them. Among the North Siberians it is clinoptilolite zeolite and hay landite, among the Caucasians it is also clinoptilolite zeolite and also montmorillonite.

Impressive healing results

For skin diseases, for example, zeolite can be used both externally and internally. The mineral earth relieves the symptoms of allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and many more – usually already after two to three treatment cycles of 10 days each. Similarly, patients with fractures experience faster healing if they receive zeolite supplements daily for 45 days, according to a 2000 study, in a 1999 study, people with severe burns received either the conventional treatment or three spoons of zeolite daily in addition to the conventional treatment.

Vein weakness often combined with diabetes can be the cause of these poorly healing wounds on the leg. According to case reports, baths in a mixture of water and zeolite as well as the daily intake of 5 g of a zeolite-bentonite mixture can already lead to success after 10 days, even in humans 80 plus. Studies from 1999 and 2003 with women suffering from anemia showed that the twice daily administration of 5 g zeolite each after 25 days at the latest led to a marked improvement in iron values. This was partly because zeolite can also release some iron into the body, but partly because zeolite heals the intestines and thus improves iron absorption.

People with anaemia often take in enough iron, but cannot use it because the intestinal absorption capacity is limited. In 2012, for example, Dr. einzustandes investigated the prolongation of the lifespan and shrinkage of the respective tumors. Even the local, i.e. external application of zeolite directly to areas affected by skin cancer reduced the size of the tumors.

Zeolite activates immune system and inhibits metastasis formation

A year later, the same scientists wrote that taking zeolite could significantly activate the immune system and reduce the formation of metastases in skin cancer. Since we also know that zeolite can alleviate many of the side effects of conventional cancer therapy, zeolite is always a good companion – no matter which cancer therapy is chosen and in consultation with the therapist. Remember, however, not only with cancer, but with every illness, that not taking a single substance will lead to healing and blessing. Therefore, do not rely on the zeolite alone, but put together a therapy concept tailored to your personal needs together with a competent holistic therapist.

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