adjective: essential
  1. 1.
    absolutely necessary; extremely important.
    “it is essential to keep up-to-date records”
    synonyms: crucialnecessarykeyvitalindispensable, needed, required, called for, requisiteimportantall-important, vitally important, of the utmost importance, of great consequence, of the essence, criticallife-and-deathimperativemandatorycompulsoryobligatorycompellingurgentpressingburningacuteparamountpre-eminenthigh-prioritysignificantconsequential

    “it is essential to remove all the old plaster”
    antonyms: inessentialunimportantoptional
    • fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.
      “the essential weakness of the plaintiff’s case”
      synonyms: basicinherentfundamentalquintessentialintrinsicunderlyingcharacteristicinnaterudimentaryprimaryprincipalcardinalchiefelementaryelementalMore

  2. 2.
    (of an amino acid or fatty acid) required for normal growth but not synthesized in the body and therefore necessary in the diet.
  3. 3.
    (of a disease) with no known external stimulus or cause; idiopathic.
    “essential hypertension”
noun: essential; plural noun: essentials
  1. 1.
    a thing that is absolutely necessary.
    “we only had the bare essentials in the way of equipment”
    synonyms: necessity, necessary/essential item, prerequisiterequisiterequirementneedMore

    antonyms: inessential
    • the fundamental elements or characteristics of something.
      “he was quick to grasp the essentials of an opponent’s argument”
      synonyms: fundamentals, basics, rudiments, principles, first principles, foundations, preliminaries, groundworkMore


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