The energy of the sun is very important for life on earth. It is something like a force that can make a difference. That’s what the Greek expression means.

It can change from one species to another. A human being transforms the chemical energy from food into kinetic energy in his belly.

Scientists call this “potential” energy. This means as much as “possible” energy.

The turbine in turn can drive a generator and generate electricity. You can turn on the light, drive a motor and much more. The rays of light warm up all things that are darker than the bright ones. In plants, the sun causes growth.

The steam then flows out of the valve with pressure and makes a whistle or a hiss.

How do people use the different energies?

People have long used the energy of fire to warm themselves. People need warmth to be able to live comfortably in winter. Robots in industry need electricity to assemble parts of cars. The production of aluminium also requires a great deal of electricity


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