Through the metabolism, harmful substances also enter the organism from outside. They help to bind toxins such as histamine, biogenic amines and heavy metals in the body.

How should I take Toxaprevent?

Water and green tea are particularly suitable here. Toxaprevent preparations consist of purely natural ingredients, are free of colourings and preservatives and are also suitable for vegetarians and a vegan diet. For this reason, the intake can be easily integrated into the normal daily routine and combined with the daily menu.

How long should I take Toxaprevent?

According to the manufacturer, Toxaprevent is not only suitable for short-term daily use but also as a longer course of treatment.

Toxaprevent plus

Toxaprevent plus is well tolerated. The product contains the natural active ingredient clinoptilolite and contains added magnesium and calcium.

Preparations of Froximun

Advocates of conventional medicine as well as naturopathy are addressed. In addition to the manufacture of medical products, diagnostic procedures and consultation are also part of the company’s work.

Toxaprevent Medi Plus

Toxaprevent Plus Sticks with Clinoptilolith MANC, Calcium and Magnesium < More Details

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Toxaprevent Medi Pure

Toxaprevent contains 100% MANC (Micro Activated Natural Clinoptilolite) which is a special volcanic rock. Great < More Details

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