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The sunnier the location, the more fruit sweeteners can be formed in the fruits of the berry. From August, the small, dark-violet aronia berries ripen on umbels and sometimes weigh heavily on the branches.

How do aronia berries taste?

Whether fresh, dried or as juice – aronia berries have a finely tart and sour taste.

Origin and history of the aronia berry

There, wild shrubs thrive on a wide variety of soils. The indigenous people already appreciated the small dark aronia berries and used them, among other things, as a preparation for winter food. Soon thereafter, the first chokeberry growing areas were established on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The chokeberries (chokeberries) are a plant species within the rose family. The only three species originally come from eastern North America and grow there as shrubs one to two metres high. The two species most frequently cultivated due to their apple fruits are the felted apple berry and the black apple berry.


The simple leaves of chokeberry are elliptic to inverted egg-shaped, 2 to 8 centimetres long, mostly short pointed, finely notched, with black-red hairs with bright red autumn colouring on the upper side. In umbelliferous inflorescences of chokeberry ten to twenty flowers stand together. The hermaphrodite, radially symmetrical, five-pointed flowers have a diameter of about one centimetre. The red or black, apple-shaped fruits of chokeberry have a diameter of 5 to 12 millimeters and have a core.

Aronia Chocolate

Dark vegan chocolate with a high-quality aronia extract. Made in Switzerland. Soy-free. Milk-free. 2 vegan plates < More Details

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Aronia Hand Cream

Nourishing hand cream with aronia extract, honey and bee wax. 75 ml. The Aronia Hand Cream < More Details

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Aronia Shot

Aronia Shot is soluable in water and the perfect Sports Drink < More Details

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Aronia Vida

Aronia extract from Swiss aronia berries. 100 capsules with 500 mg each of aronia extract < More Details

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OPC 24 Day Cream

Natural day cream with OPC. Excellent to revitalise your skin < More Details

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OPC 24 Night Cream

OPC24 Night Cream - virtually 100% natural night cream for a smooth revitalised skin < More Details

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