Green tea extract

Green tea extract short and sweet: The most important facts

“Protective and invigorating” is the best way to describe the effect of green tea. Green tea and green tea extract have numerous positive effects on the metabolism. According to epidemiological studies, the consumption of green infusion drink is a preventive factor for vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Cholesterol and oxidative stress were actually reduced after administration of tea extract with epigallocatechin-3 gallate. Therefore, a protective effect is assumed for the veins, heart and brain.

GTE could also be useful to support weight loss, as some studies on an overweight group of people show.

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Caye Vida

Cayenne pepper with green tea extract from Swiss chili peppers. 72 capsules containing 530 mg < More Details

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CHF 49.00

Kurkuma Vida

Turmeric with Black Pepper and Green Tea Extract < More Details

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CHF 39.00

Matcha Powder Organic

Japanese Matcha powder organically grown to the best quality and with super value for money. < More Details

CHF 54.00

Moringa Vida

Organic Moringa Oleifera and green tea extract from the moringa tree. 72 capsules containing 500 < More Details

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CHF 29.00