MAP Better than any other protein intake

MAP MyAmino is a unique and patented composition of eight essential amino acids in perfect combination. The optimal renewal of all cells, muscles, bones, organs, i.e. the entire life of the body, depends on an adequate supply of proteins and their building blocks, amino acids. Proteins therefore have a key function in the entire metabolism. However, the low value of the “general” proteins should be taken into account.

More energy and a good figure!

With the specially developed MAP MyAmino protein pellets the metabolic health and performance can be enormously increased, because the MyAmino amino acids are maximally bioavailable and vegan, protect the organs and can achieve an optimal energy balance of the entire metabolism. MAP MyAmino is a pure, high-quality building material without fat, acids, sugar or sodium and free slim with MAPon calories.

By taking MAP amino acids as part of a diet, the feeling of hunger can be drastically reduced because the organism classifies protein saturation as a priority. This maximizes weight loss and firms and tightens the body weight such as skin and muscles.

Amino Vida

Amino acid complex with essential amino acids. 240 tablets each containing 500 mg amino acids. Amino < More Details

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CHF 49.80

MAP Amino Acids

MAP—natural amino acids pellets containing vegan amino acids < More Details

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CHF 69.00