Organic Sulphur

organic sulphur

Our body needs MSM

MSM is the abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane – also known as dimethylsulfone. This is an organic sulphur compound that can supply the human body with valuable natural sulphur. Most people know how important it is to eat enough magnesium and iron every day. However, hardly anyone cares about an adequate supply of sulphur.

MSM for perfect body protein organic sulphur

Sulphur is an indispensable component of many endogenous substances, such as enzymes, hormones, glutathione and many vital amino acids. If the body cannot produce enough glutathione due to a lack of sulphur, people suffer from increased oxidative stress, and the immune system also suffers a hard blow because it now has to work much more. Our body’s own protein is built up from sulphur-containing amino acids. So-called sulphur bridges determine the spatial structure of all enzymes and proteins.

Without these sulphur bridges, enzymes and proteins are still produced, but they now have a completely different spatial structure and are therefore biologically inactive. This means that they can no longer fulfil their original functions. If the organism is supplied with MSM, however, active enzymes and perfect proteins can be formed again.

MSM strengthens the immune system of organic sulphur

Selenium helps to defend against pathogens, protects against free radicals and is very important for the eyes, the vascular walls and the connective tissue. If methionine is missing, no one will transport selenium to where it is needed. Wear and tear, all of which would not occur in a healthy immune system. The deficiency of only one substance never results in a single malfunction, but in many different ones that cause and reinforce each other – like an avalanche.

MSM Vida

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