Pollen extract

Pollen extract

Concentrated flower pollen extract

The bees use the collected pollen as protein food for rearing their offspring. Pollen is formed in the stamens of the flowers and represents the male seeds. The individual pollen grain is so tiny that it can only be seen under an electron microscope. When visiting the flower, the fine dust gets caught in the bee’s coat.

Small quantities are transferred from flower to flower – the flowers are fertilized, one of the bees’ most important tasks. The remaining pollen is collected in the so-called pollen panties at the legs of the bee and brought to the hive. By visiting about 80 flowers the bee reaches a pollen load, for the extraction of one kilogram of flower pollen extract about 75,000 to 100,000 full pollen panties are necessary. Enzymes in the flower pollen extract make the pollen more durable and protect it from germs and fermentation processes.

In particular, the essential amino acids, which the human body cannot produce itself but needs for its functions, are found in pollen.
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Pollen Shot

100% natural split(open) flower pollen. Convenient sticks with 1 g of flower pollen each for < More Details

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Pollen Vida

Bee pollen extract, processed in Switzerland. 90 capsules, each containing 333 mg digested pollen and < More Details

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