Green Coffee

Green coffee refers to the coffee beans before roasting. Green coffee is usually understood as an extract of green coffee beans.

The trees can grow up to ten meters tall. The stone fruits grow on the tree, they contain two seeds, these are the coffee beans. The beans are then peeled, the parchment skin and a second skin, the silver skin, are removed. This is how green coffee or
The extract made from the ground green coffee beans is filled into capsules, but it can also be added to drinks, chocolate or chewing gum.
Some green coffee differs considerably from roasted coffee. In a study published in 2012, a group of American and Indian researchers claimed for the first time to have provided real evidence. This randomized, double-blind, controlled study was presented in March 2012 and caused a worldwide sensation. A comparative study from 2011 is more sceptical. The authors come to the conclusion that the results differ and above all that no long-term studies are available.
Further effects of green coffee extract are the reduction of high blood sugar levels after eating and the synthesis of glucose.

Coffea Vida

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