lactic acid bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria, also known as lactobacilli, convert sugar into lactic acid or lactate by fermentation. In the course of evolution, they have therefore lost the ability to produce certain substances themselves that are necessary for their survival. The lactobacilli, on the other hand, obtain these substances from the medium surrounding them. Lactic acid bacteria occur naturally in the human intestine and protect against the spread of dangerous pathogens.

They also inhibit the growth of harmful germs in the female vagina. In addition, they not only form specific inhibitors, with which they prevent other, similar bacteria from spreading. In addition, the formation of acid creates such an acidic environment that many other microorganisms are unable to settle there. Most bacteria also produce other substances, such as hydrogen peroxide, which are also harmful to other bacteria and fungi.

By switching off the cytokines, the lactic acid bacteria can therefore protect against chronic intestinal inflammations, for example.

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