Vitamin B6

vitamin B6

B6 Deficiency – causes and symptoms

According to scientists, vitamin B6 benefits the body in several ways. According to studies, vitamin B6 relieves edema and reduces water retention.

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They work together with other enzymes to accelerate chemical reactions in the cells. During these processes amino acids are formed. They also create neurotransmitters such as serotonin and convert energy. They release this energy to form red blood cells.

Vitamin B6 deficiency

Studies have diagnosed a vitamin B6 deficiency in people with epilepsy, acne, arthritis and dermatitis. Studies have listed the benefits of vitamin B6. The active ingredient treats asthma, endometriosis – a widespread and painful uterine disease – and arteriosclerosis. The vitamin fights acne and is helpful against attention deficit disorder.

Vitamin B6 Overdose

A chronically higher intake damages the nervous system and influences the movements. Furthermore, an overdose affects the sensation of touch. Those affected are not aware of temperatures correctly. The neurotoxic negative effects occur if the respective consumer doses incorrectly for more than two months.

If consumers follow these guidelines, they are not afraid of toxic side effects.

Suitable for an effective diet

The B vitamins promote the metabolism of fats and proteins. Foods such as poultry, fish, beef liver, milk and spinach contain

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