vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital

However, the body is dependent on precisely this UV radiation, because around 90 percent of vitamin D is produced in the skin – but only under the influence of the sun.

Vitamin D is produced in every cell

Michael F. Holick, Professor of Medicine, Dermatology, Physiology and Biophysics and discoverer of the active form of vitamin D, nowadays we know that every single body cell apparently has the ability to produce active vitamin D.

Vitamin D often prevents death from cancer

Professor Holick also believes that active vitamin D not only prevents colds, flu and bone diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets, but also prevents the unhealthy cell growth typical of cancer in the prostate, breast and intestinal cells. Numerous scientific studies confirm the opinion of the two researchers and have long since shown that vitamin D can reduce cancer growth. Even 15 different cancers are associated with low vitamin D levels – such as breast cancer and colon cancer – and can be positively influenced by healthy vitamin D doses.

A new meta-analysis was published in the British Journal of Cancer in June 2014 and contained the message that vitamin D supplementation could significantly reduce cancer mortality. Dr. NaNa Keum and Dr. Edward Giovannucci from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston conducted the study and analyzed seven randomized controlled trials that looked at the influence of vitamin D and the duration of the studies varied between two and seven years and the vitamin D doses were between 400 and 1100 IU per day.

The researchers then announced

In the UK alone, 159,000 people die of cancer every year. A 15 percent reduction in this number would save nearly 24,000 lives.

Vitamin D against heart attack

It is all the worse that nowadays very many people suffer from a chronic vitamin D deficiency – often without ever knowing it.

Alarming vitamin D deficiency in Switzerland, Germany and the USA

50 percent of the Swiss population had a 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 concentration of less than 50 nmol/l. Only in less than 30 percent of the population could the minimum values of 75 nmol/l and above be measured. Even officially, values between 50 and 75 nmol/l are considered deficiencies.

40 percent of the total population 32 percent of doctors and medical students 42 percent of African American women 48 percent of girls aged between 9 and 11 years 76 percent of all pregnant women 81 percent of the newborns of these women up to 60 percent of all hospital patients up to 80 percent of all patients in nursing homes

All these high numbers are all the worse when you look at the long list of diseases that can be triggered or exacerbated by vitamin D deficiency. These include obesity, chronic inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases as well as neurological problems such as

Dermatologists don’t like the sun

On the contrary, they fear the sun. Especially the media, but also dermatologists do not miss any opportunity to constantly point out the “dangers” of solar radiation. Some even recommend avoiding the sun altogether. Of course, excessive sunbathing is harmful to health because it can actually lead to skin cancer.

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