Raimund Buhr, 

I, soon to be in my mid-forties, work in an office and therefore try to stay in shape by jogging as regularly as possible. Unfortunately, one does not get any younger: My running times have continued to deteriorate this year and the muscle build-up has also stagnated. The day after the run I was tired, had unpleasant pressure in my head and muscle problems. I’ve recently started taking ten AMINO VIDAs about 30 minutes before each workout: The running training has become much more pleasant, the head stays fresh and the muscles seem to recover much better and faster. In addition, I was able to improve my running time for the first time in years (by about 7-8% on average!) and the muscle building seems to work slowly but surely! These effects, in turn, motivate me to train even more regularly! I can also rely on AMINO VIDA to help me keep up the younger players in our weekly, very intensive company football games: Ten tablets about 30 minutes before the game starts – IT WORKS!!

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