About kingnature

Our mission statement

kingnature develops, produces and distributes natural, scientifically tested food supplements, functional foods and natural cosmetics for the sustainable promotion of health and well-being. Quality and care are at the heart of this: kingnature attaches great importance to an optimised recipe, natural cultivation and gentle processing in its own production facility in Switzerland. Founded in 2011, the owner-managed company based in Zurich employs around 70 people in Switzerland and internationally and is expanding both at home and abroad.

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Our vision

kingnature is developing into a leading provider of scientifically tested, natural vital substances that sustainably increase and improve the well-being, quality of life and health of people worldwide. In this way, kingnature is making an active contribution to the change and reorientation of the healthcare system towards a holistic approach that is genuinely interested in people’s health and well-being.

Our mission

We provide people with high-quality nutritional supplements, functional foods and natural cosmetics, as well as appropriate services and information, so that they can naturally strengthen their health in a holistic way, find their way into the fullness of their callings and realise and live their full potential.We continuously refine and expand our product range to the best of our knowledge and in close cooperation with doctors and scientists. The testimonials of people healed by vital substances are our motivation for establishing a new health awareness and rethinking the current health care system.

Our values






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Our culture

We respect and protect nature. It is our common habitat and our most important resource. We gratefully draw on the irrepressible creative power found in nature and firmly believe in its potential.

We are proud of our brand, our history and our Swiss roots.

We identify with the successful development of our company and the opportunities that arise.

We respect every human being, regardless of their origin and culture, as created and loved by God.

We continuously educate ourselves and are medically up to date.

We continuously optimise our range of products and services.

We surprise our clients positively and again and again.

We act mindfully and consciously, knowing that every moment of our actions is important.

We treat our customers, business partners, employees and suppliers with respect and appreciation.

We are a helpful team and like to support each other. Together we achieve our best performance.