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PEP Protocol

The Protect Energy Protocol was developed to holistically strengthen and support the psyche, nerves, immune system and energy metabolism.

PEP protocol: Vital substances and IHHT

The PEP protocol combines herbal vital substances with IHHT (interval hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy). IHHT originally comes from space travel and is highly effective training for energy metabolism at cellular level. Medically certified oxygen devices simulate high and low altitude training for your cells at intervals while you lie comfortably and relax.

These are the 4 variants of the PEP protocol for the psyche, nerves, immune system and energy metabolism.

PEP Protocol: For the psyche, nerves, immune system and energy metabolism

A PEP protocol lasts 2 months and can be repeated if necessary. In our practical packages you receive the vital substances you need during these 2 months as well as an IHHT voucher for 10 applications. The PEP protocol is available in 4 different versions:

Find an IHHT partner for the PEP protocol

When you purchase a PEP Protocol package, you will receive a voucher for 10 IHHT treatments. You can redeem this voucher at an official IHHT partner. You can find a map with all IHHT partners here.

Find an IHHT partner according to the PEP protocol near you!