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Welcome to kingnature’s vital test!

Who is the vital test suitable for?

Are vital substances, micronutrients and food supplements new territory for you? Would you like to do something good for yourself and your health, but are still unsure which products are suitable for you? That’s exactly why we have developed the Vitality Test. It can help you to find out what is suitable for you.

How does the vital test work?

You need about one minute to answer a few questions about your gender, your diet, any intolerances or allergies, the intake of medicines and stimulants or about exercise and sport. You can simply select and click on your answers in the selection displayed. For certain questions, several answers are possible. The Vitality Test evaluates your information and compiles a personal, individual recommendation for you on this basis. You will find a short description of each product with important information, and the Vitality Test also provides you with information on how you should dose the products and what the daily costs are.

What vital substances and micronutrients do I need?

The personal vital test is a useful tool to find out which vital substances, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are most important for your body. The test is easy and quick to do: You answer a few questions about your health, lifestyle and personal interests. Based on this information, you will then receive an individual recommendation as to which nutrients are particularly important for you.

Which nutrients are important?

In this way, the vital test helps you to better understand and target your body’s needs. You can then ensure that you are taking in all the important nutrients and supporting your body in the best possible way. The Vital Test can also help you to detect and prevent possible deficiency symptoms at an early stage. In this way, you can improve your health in the long term and prevent diseases.


In summary, the individualised vital test is a practical and effective way to find out what nutrients your body needs. By taking the test and consuming the recommended nutrients, you can improve your long-term health and enhance your well-being.