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Hot Shot Sports Cream

Our web shop is now enlarged with a new product, called Hot Shot Cream. The effect of this cream is fantastic. Click on the link below where you will find a good article by Dr. Heinz Lüscher about Cayenne.



There are also further articles on secondary phyto substance (nutrients) to be found there. If you are looking for products in the area of secondary phyto substance, we will be happy to provide you with information at

Study: Change of active ingredients in our food in the last 10 years

The amount of vital substances in our food is much lower than in the past. This applies not only to vitamins and minerals, but also to vital substances and secondary plant substances such as those found in a
Aronia berries in an especially concentrated form. In the study below, this development is shown with figures, but as with any study, these figures should be treated with caution.

Comparison between a study carried out in 1985 and the values determined in a food laboratory in 1996 for fruit and vegetables

Minerals and vitamins

content in milligrammes

per 100 grams of food


Folic Acid








minus 68%

minus 52%

minus 25%


Folic Acid


Vitamin B6









minus 38%

minus 12%

minus 15%

minus 61%







minus 70%

minus 33%







minus 17%

minus 57%


Vitamin B6

Vitamin C







minus 68%

minus 59%

minus 58%


Vitamin C





minus 12%

minus 80%


Folic Acid









minus 12%

minus 84%

minus 13%



Vitamin C







minus 14%

minus 8%

minus 67%

Folic Acid10032minus 68%

Source: Welt am Sonntag 1997, Nr.34, S.26

Interesting video about Moringa (German)

Interesting video about Moringa oleifera.

kingnature is currently developing a Moringa product, which will also be available online in our webshop after approval. If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.



Easy-to-understand report on mitochondria

In the Swiss newspaper ‘Blick am Abend’ we found an article on the immune system, mitochondria and their effect on chronic diseases.

Here is a small excerpt:

Hundreds of mitochondria work in each of our cells.

Its best-known task is to provide energy, either by oxidation, i.e. with the aid of oxygen, or by fermentation with the aid of lactic acid. The end product of these complex chemical reactions is adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the currency in which our body’s energy is traded. The mitochondria are therefore also known as the power houses of cells.

Free radicals are formed during the production of ATP. They are broken down by the mitochondria as well as the toxins that we ingest from outside the body.

Mitochondria also synthesise the messenger substances that tell the cell when it should divide or die. This requires the mitochondrion to know, among other things, in which organ it is located. The smallest errors in this suicide program can be the cause of cancer, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. The list is probably much longer. It should also include all autoimmune diseases.

The whole article can be read here online:

Link: Article on the 19. April 2013


For me and our children the Aronia capsules are very effective, yet my husband has been taking 4 capsules for 2 weeks and has not noticed any improvement. Should we increase the dose or how can we achieve rapid improvement? He suffers greatly… THANKS and we are generally enthusiastic about KN products

Anthocyanins against Diabetes Type 2

Blueberries and Aronia berries against type 2 diabetes.

In the NZZ zum Sonntag (Swiss Newspaper), issue September 1, 2013, it has a report on the health effects of Anthocyanins in the fight against type 2 diabetes, and in Aronia berries it has an even greater amount of this polyphenol (Anthocyanins) than in Blueberries.

Here the NZZ report:

Healthy blueberries

Eating blueberries three times a week can apparently reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This was discovered by British researchers when they analysed the data of almost 200,000 people. Those who often consumed blueberries had a particularly low risk of diabetes, but grapes and apples also had a protective effect (British Medical Journal). The researchers suspect that the anthocyanins contained in these fruits could be responsible for the effect. Animal studies have shown that these substances lower blood sugar levels. However, regular drinking of fruit juices did not have any protective effect.

Anthocyanins in foodstuffs in comparison
Foodstuffs and Anthocyanins in mg
red grapes – 180mg
Cranberries – 270mg
Blueberries – 420mg
Aronia berries – 1480mg

Wild red grapes – 180 mg

Anthocyanins per 100 grams. These are the healthy dark dyes. Cranberries contain 270 mg and blueberries 420 mg. 100 g of aronia berries contain an incredible 1480 mg!


Moringa vs. Hangover

After watching a show and reading some articles about Moringa, I thought that if this miracle plant really detoxifies – I should try it.

When I had a few too many toasting the opening of my new company, I certainly regretted it the next morning. Once you are over 30, you can’t get away with nights like this as easily as when you were in your 20s. So with the Moringa capsules in the back of my head, I went to the kitchen and swallowed two capsules with some orange juice. I repeated this procedure twice more on this day at intervals of about 2 hours and added a short nap to the mix. In the early evening, I was already feeling fit enough for a sporty lap with my bike, headaches and nausea were gone and also the following days were no longer cumbersome to get started. Since then, Moringa and orange juice have been my hangover remedy of choice. I also use it every morning and evening to keep my body healthy (hangovers aside ;-)).

Aronia Report in the Swiss Newspaper – Tagesanzeiger on the 18.09.2013

Excerpt from the Tagesanzeiger of 18.09.2013

In the Tagesanzeiger there is a good report about the origin and the effect of the Aronia berry. Here is a small part of it. The link to the full article is added below.

Colourless bitter substances

Above all, the OPC content of Aronia berries amazes researchers worldwide. OPC stands for oligomeric procyanidins, a group of colourless bitter substances that have been the focus of research for several years thanks to their bioactivity. Cranberries contain 276 mg OPC in 100 g, elderberries come to 27 mg. The chokeberry contains 664 mg, far more than 20 times the amount. Animal experiments with radioactively labelled OPC have shown that these substances enter blood and lymph just 10 minutes after eating and reach virtually any body tissue. They pass the blood-brain barrier, remove heavy metals and adhere to collagen and elastin fibres. It’s not just good for wrinkles. These fibres are located in the walls of all veins. Only 24 hours after taking OPC, the elasticity of the blood vessels doubled in animal experiments. This effect lasted 72 hours. OPC are considered the most effective antioxidants, as they are up to 10 times more active than other polyphenols.

“I prescribe Aronia for all internal infections: Polyarthritis and vasculitis. Also for hay fever and other allergies Aronia works with their perfect interaction of OPC and other materials fast and reliably, says the physician Dr.Heinz Lüscher. In his practice for vital substance medicine in Herisau he uses capsules with highly concentrated Aronia berry extract, which he has produced from the pomace of Swiss Aronia juice production.

Click here to read the whole article in the Tagesanzeiger  In German

Click here to read the article online in the Tagesanzeiger – In German

What are Antioxidants?

A good video clip of a show dedicated to antioxidants. Again and again one hears the expressions: free radicals and antioxidative effect. But what exactly does that mean and why should it be healthy?

Here you will find the answer. The video is only available in English.


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