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Here you may give us Customer feedback and reply to questions about our dietary supplements, our functional foods and cosmetics. Also, you have the opportunity to read the feedback of others customers or share your own experiences: What are your experiences with kingnature's dietary supplements? Thank you for your feedback!

hay Fever / Pollen Allergy

I have been suffering with severe hay fever for about 22 years. I react to hazel, alder, ash, birch, most pollens. I have really tried almost all the remedies available. I have now started taking 3 capsules of Aronia per day, and the symptoms have practically disappeared. It took a few days for the desired effect to kick in. Currently, I am taking the Aronia extract as a preventive measure against inflammation and to fill my “reserves”. I wouldn’t have expected it to be so effective against my allergy…


I have been suffering with sinus and colds for many years. I have started taking Aronia 2 weeks ago and all sickness has disappeared. Awesome!

More energy and no more craving Red Wine

I have more energy and feel more potent after taking Aronia berry extract for 1 month. I have noticed in the morning I have far more drive than before. On top of that I have noticed that my daily craving for red wine is gone!

Hay Fever

Since childhood, I have tried to control hay fever and pollen allergy, almost exclusively with natural remedies. When I was about 18 years of age, my hay fever become so acute that at night I would have to sit or stand up the whole night just, so I could get enough air to fill my lungs. In the last few years during peak pollen times, I often slept very little because of obstruction of my airway.

Now, for little more than 1 month, I have been taking Aronia. I take one capsule daily to strengthen my immune system. I now have observed, that doing a test on myself, I would not take Aronia sunny days but I only took normal hay fever medication. If I had been outside a lot during the day, then that night, I would again not be able to breath and adding insult to injury, I would also have streaming eyes.

Then I chose a sunny day and decided to work outside in my garden. Cutting hedges, mowing the lawn etc. This kind of activity normally results in an intense hay fever reaction. Yet on this day I took 4 Aronia capsules spread over the day. To my utter amazement I only sneezed once or twice but otherwise absolutely no symptoms. No wheezing, no runny nose or streaming eyes. I am positively astonished!

Periostitis – infection of the bone membrane

I go jogging regularly and after a certain amount of time I get periostitis of my shins, (shin splints) regardless of the type of training program or its intensity. About 3 months ago I started taking a capsule of Aronia Vida every day, and after a brief period of time the inflammation subsided and haven’t returned. I also recovered must faster after competitions than before. In the past, after a race, I needed about 1 week to recover before I would be able to train normally again. Now I can train normally after about 2 – 3 days after a race.

Hot Shot Sports Cream

Our web shop is now enlarged with a new product, called Hot Shot Cream. The effect of this cream is fantastic. Click on the link below where you will find a good article by Dr. Heinz Lüscher about Cayenne.



There are also further articles on secondary phyto substance (nutrients) to be found there. If you are looking for products in the area of secondary phyto substance, we will be happy to provide you with information at

Hot Shot Cream for Back Pain (lumbago)

For more than 40 years I have been suffering from back pain with many lumbago episodes caused by the inter-vertebral discs of the lumbar vertebrae. Despite going to many different therapies and sleeping on a Tempur mattress, I could rarely sleep or lie down for more than 6 hours at a time and often had to get up because of the pain. For a while now, I have been rubbing Hot Shot Cream into my lumbar region in the morning and in the evening.

Today I not only have less back pain (sometimes barely noticeable), I can now even sleep for more than 8 hours or lie in bed without having to wake up because of the pain! Besides, I had no lumbago. For me, this is a huge gain in quality of life.

Aronia whilst breastfeeding and during pregnancy

At the beginning of my pregnancy I started taking Aronia. I took 2-3 capsules daily. Now 9 weeks after the birth of our second son, I still feel amazingly fit and rested. The process of losing the extra weight and returning to my former self, happened very quickly and without complications. I was also noticeably less tired than after the birth of our first son. I especially notice that I have more energy in the afternoon and I am pretty sure that it is related to me taking Aronia.

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