Hay Fever


Since childhood, I have tried to control hay fever and pollen allergy, almost exclusively with natural remedies. When I was about 18 years of age, my hay fever becomes so acute that at night I would have to sit or stand up the whole night just, so I could get enough air to fill my lungs. In the last few years during peak pollen times, I often slept very little because of obstruction of my airway.

Now, for little more than 1 month, I have been taking Aronia. I take one capsule daily to strengthen my immune system. I now have observed, that doing a test on myself, I would not take Aronia sunny days but I only took normal hay fever medication. If I had been outside a lot during the day, then that night, I would again not be able to breathe and adding insult to injury, I would also have streaming eyes.

Then I chose a sunny day and decided to work outside in my garden. Cutting hedges, mowing the lawn etc. This kind of activity normally results in an intense hay fever reaction. Yet on this day, I took 4 Aronia capsules spread over the day. To my utter amazement, I only sneezed once or twice but otherwise absolutely no symptoms. No wheezing, no runny nose or streaming eyes. I am positively astonished!

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