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Our Vitality Test is very popular because it only takes about a minute and still points you in the right direction, namely to the vital substances that are suitable for you. The test is best suited for people for whom vital substances and food supplements are still new territory, but of course you are also welcome to test it if you are already a professional.

You want to do something good for yourself with dietary supplements? But you feel unsure which of our products might be suitable for you? For such cases we have created the Vital Test. You need about one minute to answer a few questions about your gender, diet, possible intolerances or allergies, intake of medicines and stimulants, exercise and sport. You can simply select and click on your answers in the selection displayed. For some questions, several answers are possible. Based on your answers, you will finally be presented with some kingnature products that could be suitable for you. We also provide information on how you should dose the products and what the daily costs are.

Have we aroused your interest? Take the Vitality Test right now:

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