Absorption (absorbed)

Resorption refers to the absorption, the uptake of substances in biological systems. In humans and vertebrates, resorption describes the process of how cells, tissues or organs absorb certain substances. These substances may be endogenous or exogenous. They resorb, i.e. they suck or absorb something.

Resorption can also describe the dissolution of tissue by special cells. Bone resorption is related to this. More often, however, the term resorption is used and described for biological processes in the intestine. The focus is then on the resorption, the absorption, of food components from the intestine. A distinction is made between passive and active resorption. In passive resorption, substances come from a low concentration range in a higher concentration. This means that important nutrients are transported, for example, from the small intestine into the blood. Active absorption describes the opposite process. Substances from a high concentration range are transported in a lower concentration range. For example, if there is a high concentration of nutrients in the blood after food intake, intestinal cells bring certain substances into a lower nutrient range. This happens when adenosine triphosphate, an energy carrier, is split and carrier proteins take over the transport of substances. Thus, food components can be brought through the intestinal wall into the blood and lymphatic system.

Functioning absorption is very important so that the body gets all the nutrients it needs to survive. This knowledge can be used to promote or prevent the absorption of certain substances. For example, one could make sure that the body absorbs all important nutrient building blocks such as glucose or amino acids. But one could also, for example, slow down or block the absorption of carbohydrates. In humans, most of the absorption takes place via the small intestine. Only a small part is absorbed through the stomach and the large intestine. However, absorption is also possible through the skin. For example, via an ointment. Resorption is an important subject of research because the absorption of nutrient components is an important process in our body

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