Fair trade

The term “fair trade” refers to the controlled cultivation and breeding of mostly agricultural products intended for the further production of food, cosmetics or clothing. The term fair trade in this context means that social, ethical and ecological standards apply to the production of the products, which must be adhered to by the producer. Independent farmers receive a fixed price for their goods. This means that they are not dependent on fluctuating world market prices. Fair trade guarantees that farmers can make a living from their work. In return, farmers commit to upholding ethical and social standards in production. This includes that employees receive a contractually agreed wage. At the same time, the employment of children is prohibited. Fair trade supports the social village communities in the growing areas and promotes, for example, the construction of wells, sanitary facilities and schools. The farmers learn how to cultivate the products in a natural and environmentally friendly way. As a customer, you can support the farmers in building a secure existence by buying fair trade products. The agricultural products come from controlled cultivation. This means that the farmers have contractually committed themselves to sustainable cultivation that is in harmony with nature. Traditional methods that have been developed and proven regionally are used for cultivation and harvesting. Since the use of pesticides and mechanical harvesting machines is dispensed with, the products meet a high ecological standard. They are free of pollutants and pesticides and are therefore particularly suitable for the production of cosmetics and food supplements.

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