Grape seed extract

The effect of grape seed extract comes largely from the OPC it contains. OPC is a plant substance with an antioxidant effect. The name stands for oligomeric proanthocyanidins. OPC has positive effects on skin, eyes, hair and the immune system. The secondary plant substance resveratrol is also contained in grape seed extract.

OPC consists of several catechins strung together. OPC belongs to the flavonols and is a secondary plant substance. The secondary plant substances are present in the leaves, fruits and in the seeds. Flavonols protect the plants from external influences such as mould and environmental influences.

The body is exposed daily to free radicals that attack it and contribute to premature skin ageing and more. Free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body, which leads to disease and cellular ageing. OPC binds the free radicals and can thus reduce their harmful effects. It is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants against free radicals. OPC can also stimulate collagen and elastin production. It can have a positive effect on smoothing wrinkles from the inside and give the skin back its elasticity. The antioxidant content in OPC is much higher than in other nutrients.

OPC also has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect. The positive effect on the connective tissue can also be seen in wound healing. OPC accelerates this process. Bacteria are rendered harmless by grape seed extract. Injured blood vessels regenerate more quickly.

But OPC has even more positive effects. It can lower cholesterol levels and have a blood pressure-lowering effect. OPC can have an antibacterial effect on the body and supports the immune system. Grape seed extract also improves the supply of nutrients to the brain. Skin and intestinal complaints can be improved with OPC.

OPC is not only found in grape seed extract, but also in green tea, apples, in nuts and other plants. However, the OPC concentration is highest in grape seeds.

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