Mango butter

Fat from mango seeds

Strictly speaking, we should speak of mango seed butter, because the fat is extracted from the mango kernels (seeds), but the name mango butter is more common. Other names are mango seed oil or mango seed fat. As already mentioned, this vegetable fat is extracted from the seeds of the mango fruit(Mangifera indica). The extraction of the mere 9-13 % fat from the extremely hard fruit seeds is very complex and is nowadays done by machine.

Mangobutter, Mangokernöl, Körperpflege
Mango seed in mango kernel
(Picture Wikipedia)

Semi-solid consistency of mango butter

At room temperature, mango seed butter has a semi-solid, lardy consistency, but at 35°C it begins to melt. Due to its oil composition, it has a refatting, moisturising, regenerating and healing effect and is therefore popular for dry, brittle skin in need of care. It gives the skin new suppleness and elasticity and supports cell renewal and wound healing. For this reason, mango butter is also used in high-quality natural cosmetics. Mango butter contains various fatty acids, especially stearic acid and oleic acid, but the values vary depending on the type of mango.

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