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Green tea powder

Matcha comes from the Japanese and means “ground tea”, it is green tea ground into a fine powder. Good quality has an intense green colour and smells pleasantly sweet to slightly tart. The green powder contains valuable ingredients such as catechins (also known as tea polyphenols) and carotenes, as well as various vitamins

Matcha tiefgrün, antioxidativ

What is the difference to black tea?

With green tea, the tea leaves are not fermented, but are briefly heated by steaming or roasting immediately after plucking, so that fermentation is stopped. This is why the leaves retain their green colour and the valuable ingredients are also preserved.

What is so special about Matcha?

It is the highest form of green tea enjoyment in Japan. Only select green tea leaves are used, and the plants enjoy special cultivation and care. They are then deliberately ground slowly and carefully on granite mills to avoid heat and thus the loss of valuable ingredients as much as possible. Before drinking, the powder is stirred with only a little hot water using a special bamboo whisk. Only then is more water added and the drink drunk carefully.

Matchapulver, Catechine, antioxidativ

Is Matcha healthy?

Regularly drinking Matcha can have a positive effect on your health. The main positive effect is attributed to epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin and potent antioxidant.

Read more about the green powder (Wikipedia).