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“Sublingual” – What is behind this medical attribute?

In medicine, there are many technical terms whose meaning is not familiar at first. The term “sublingual” is similar


According to its Latin root, the term is made up of two parts

Specifically, it is “sub” (under) and “lingual” (tongue, language)

In essence, it refers to “lying under the tongue”

Common use in medicine

This is a type of medication that is taken in the form of tablets

These are mainly placed under the tongue so that the saliva secretion causes them to dissolve quickly

The active ingredient is therefore absorbed through the oral mucosa. This leads to a rapid release of the medicine into the bloodstream, whereby the effect is felt more quickly

Essentially, you should distinguish the term “oral” intake: In this case, the drug is swallowed and only reaches the liver via the upper digestive system

Sublingual application is recommended above all for acute needs. The high blood circulation of the oral mucosa is useful for the rapid transfer of the active substance into the body.

Dosage form

The most common forms of administration are lozenges or meltable tablets or chewable capsules. It is not uncommon for these types of tablets to contain a light flavouring to create a pleasant taste sensation in the mouth