Talina Gantenbein


Produkte: Vitality Shot, Amino Vida, NADH Vida

Talina Gantenbein, who comes from Scuol (GR), has dedicated herself to ski cross. She was already on skis at the age of 2 and started alpine skiing at the age of 10. At 16, she fully focused on skicross. Talina won gold at the 2016 Youth Olympics and competed at the 2018 Professional Olympics, where she finished 12th in Pyeongchang. In 2019, she was runner-up at the World Junior Ski Cross Championships. Last season she made the podium twice in the World Cup. At the 2021 World Championships, she just missed out on the medals and finished 4th. Talina has been strengthening herself with natural vital substances from kingnature since November 2021. We keep our fingers crossed for Talina's further successes on and off the slopes!

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