Acid Reflux, gone since taking Caye Vida


I’ve had acid reflux and heartburn for many years. I’ve already tried many different drugs and preparations. To date, none really worked, yet they all have side effects, and not cheap either. I then tried Caye Vida. It was very amazing. I took 2 capsules daily for about 3 weeks. Then I noticed that for a week I had no reflux. Usually I had an acid stomach in the evenings when I went to bed and this would continue into the next day. I’ve been using Caye Vida for quite some time now, with the result that the acid reflux and heartburn has stayed away. Initially I did think that the spiciness of the Chilli would actually make my stomach troubles worse, but I have now learned that the cayenne actually causes the stomach to produce more mucous and this is what helps to protect the stomach. I now continually take the capsules knowing the great benefit I am enjoying. I no longer have to avoid certain foods especially in the evening!

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