Anthocyanins against Diabetes Type 2

Raimund Buhr, 

Blueberries and Aronia berries against type 2 diabetes.

In the NZZ zum Sonntag (Swiss Newspaper), issue September 1, 2013, it has a report on the health effects of Anthocyanins in the fight against type 2 diabetes, and in Aronia berries it has an even greater amount of this polyphenol (Anthocyanins) than in Blueberries.Here the NZZ report:Healthy blueberriesEating blueberries three times a week can apparently reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This was discovered by British researchers when they analysed the data of almost 200,000 people. Those who often consumed blueberries had a particularly low risk of diabetes, but grapes and apples also had a protective effect (British Medical Journal). The researchers suspect that the anthocyanins contained in these fruits could be responsible for the effect. Animal studies have shown that these substances lower blood sugar levels. However, regular drinking of fruit juices did not have any protective effect.Anthocyanins in foodstuffs in comparison Foodstuffs and Anthocyanins in mg red grapes – 180mg Cranberries – 270mg Blueberries – 420mg Aronia berries – 1480mgWild red grapes – 180 mgAnthocyanins per 100 grams. These are the healthy dark dyes. Cranberries contain 270 mg and blueberries 420 mg. 100 g of aronia berries contain an incredible 1480 mg! 

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