Dog with rectal cancer – CBD, Kurkuma and Artemesia

Raimund Buhr, 

Our 11-year-old Labrador Retriever, Hamish, was diagnosed with rectal cancer earlier this year and the prognosis was not good. The vet ruled out surgery and agreed that chemotherapy and radiotherapy would not be advised at his age. He also suggested that Hamish had about 6 to 12 weeks to live. We were devastated as he is the most wonderful dog and much loved by our whole family. We were advised to keep him pain free and enjoy our last precious weeks with him. Many of our friends recommended we try cannabis oil for him and we tried to find some. After being quoted extortionate prices from a supplier in South Africa, someone suggested CBD from Kingnature. We were familiar with the Kingnature products as we also used Aronia, Artemesia and Kurkuma. We started giving Hamish CBD capsules with his food, initially once a day, as well as mixing Artemesia and Kurkuma into his food. Up until then, for most of his life, he had also been on strong pain medication for his back and legs for a condition he was born with. We stopped this medication, but despite this, he seemed to have no pain. After about 6  months, we took him to the vets as he was struggling with constipation and the vet was very surprised to see him not only alive, but looking incredibly healthy. Obviously, we know his time is limited, but he is in great condition, still very playful, as enthusiastic as ever about walks, swims and food and we feel we still have quite a few months with him. The vet informed us after examining him that his bowel is struggling and his pain will increase, so we have increased the dose of CBD to three capsules per day. When we asked the vet if he would recommend any other pain relief, he said that the CBD seemed to be the best thing for him.


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